Welcome to the valley.  

In my case, it’s the Mahoning Valley of Northeastern Ohio, where all four seasons can converge in a day, the people are real, the food is good and the landscape is as diverse as the good people who live here. Within two hours of home you can look over the North Coast and play in Lake Erie, head South and enjoy the hills and scenic views of West Virginia, move West and take in the rolling plains of Central Ohio's farmland, or travel East and explore the wonders of Western Pennsylvania's beautiful highlands.  My valley is a state of mind as much as it is Ohio. I believe that beauty and peace are created from within and if you look in the right places, with the right mental attitude, you’ll see the magnificence that lies within and gain a fresh perspective on life in your valley.  Life is a balancing act that requires constant adjustments to your attitude, your outlook and how you choose to view the world around you because “attitude is everything.”

Updated 5-14-17

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